EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – East of U.S. 81 in El Reno, a stretch of Britton Road is left bumpy after an energy company used it for construction and drilling.

“If there’s oncoming traffic, one person stops because you can’t go over the humps, they’re probably a foot high maybe,” said Beverly Bound, a resident of El Reno. “I can’t drive a little car, my little tiny car, and it drags bottom. I can’t go that way. That’s the main way that we get into El Reno.”

The city claims Canvas Energy, formerly known as Chaparral, is responsible for the damage. The company was building oil pads along the road, and the city said the trucks used and the drilling involved caused the road to disform.

Matt White, Mayor of El Reno, said that Canvas is unwilling to cover the costs of the repair, which is part of an agreement they had before construction began.

“I hate to say that we just got one company, you know, that just doesn’t want to be part of the community or do the right thing at Chaparral Energy,” said White.

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A bumpy ride on Britton Road in El Reno. Image KFOR

White said the city had the road redone two years ago.

“It was done with the full depth, the grinding up, the stabilization, I mean, done the way it needs to be done,” said El Reno’s mayor.

Canvas said in a statement to KFOR, “Canvas and the City agreed to an independent study to assess the causes of the road damage. The results directly contradict the City’s theory and demonstrate that Canvas is not responsible for the cost of repairs.”

The study was done by Terracon. It concluded that the damage to the pavement comes from one or a combination of the following: insufficient pavement thickness, overloaded trucks, insufficient compaction of the asphalt layers and/or heavy truck stopping and turning movements.

“They’ve offered us anywhere from $5,000 to, like, the final offer is $100,000, but it won’t cover the cost of the road,” said White.

Canvas responded, “Unfortunately, the City has chosen to reject those offers in favor of pursuing litigation that ignores the facts and the terms of the road use agreements.”

The City did file declaratory judgement actions against then-company Chaparral Energy in December of 2021.

White said that him and the City Council will take the action best suited for the people of El Reno.

“It makes me feel terrible because people like Beverly live out there. We want to help her,” said White.