SASAKWA, Okla. (KFOR) – If you can get a glass of water from your sink right now on a daily basis, you should feel lucky because there’s a town in Oklahoma where folks can’t do that.

The town of Sasakwa in Seminole County only has running water every other day. Their town’s well has been breaking down, making these sweltering July days feel even worse.

“We need the water and it doesn’t look like the water is getting fixed,” complained Andrea Hernandez, a town resident. “It’s hard being without water, especially when you need to shower, do laundry, wash dishes, cook. It’s frustrating.”

Sasakwa Mayor Brenda Myrick explained the issue to KFOR.

“We’re having trouble with our well right now and it’s not pressuring up,” she said, explaining that they alternate days of allowing the water pressure to build and then releasing it for residents to use.

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Joyce Jones after hauling water 15 miles from daughter’s well. Image KFOR

Many in the town of about 80 feel greatly inconvenienced since the alternating water began in June.

Brittany Shaffer has been flushing out her toilet with buckets of water.

“Everybody’s mad, everybody’s frustrated,” she said emotionally.

Joyce Jones told us her water hasn’t worked at all since May and her family travels 15 miles to get water from her daughter’s well.

“It’s very hot, very irritating to have to haul water for everything,” Jones said.

Mayor Myrick said they’re desperately working to get the water issue fixed. In the meantime, they’re offering free water and cleaning supplies to anyone needs it on a daily basis at the town hall.

“We’re doing the best that we can,” Myrick said. “Just pray with us and we’ll get it done.”

The mayor tells KFOR she’s holding an emergency executive meeting Wednesday morning with town leaders and a drilling company with hopes of making progress on fixing the town’s well.