OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — The Osage County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma were in Park City, Kansas, on Tuesday, searching on serial killer Dennis Rader’s property. The Osage County Sheriff told KFOR Rader gave the tip. That’s why they went to the location in the first place.  

“We found personal type items and maybe some restraint type items in those locations,” said Sheriff Eddie Virden, Osage County Sheriff’s Office. 

Rader’s one of America’s most notorious serial killers who is still alive today behind bars. He’s also known as BTK, which stands for bind them, torture them, kill them. 

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office said Park City Public Works moved some cement so authorities could dig on the BTK killer’s former property. 

On Wednesday, law enforcement confirmed they recovered “items of interest” related to unsolved disappearances of people in Oklahoma. 

“He’s a pathological liar and a narcissist. So, it’s hard. He’ll tell you something and you’ll believe that, especially as his kid that he is telling you the truth,” said Kerri Rawson, the killer’s daughter. 

Rawson’s dad was put behind bars in 2005 for murdering 10 people from Wichita from 1974 to 1991.  

“We had developed some information that Dennis Rader had sent to someone describing where he had placed some items from some of his crimes that had never been found,” said Virden. 

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office was at BTK’s former property in Park City, Kansas, digging for those items and looking for information related to 16-year-old Cynthia Dawn Kinney who has been missing from Pawhuska, Oklahoma since 1976.  

“We started off specifically looking for our victim and have come across information that there could possibly be other victims,” said Virden. 

Kerri told KFOR her father would frequently travel to Oklahoma for work and spend days at a time staying in Oklahoma. 

Kerri also said she visited her father in prison for the first time in 18 years—once in June of this year and another in July. 

“I went in there and he was shocked to see me… I go in to have an honest and sincere conversation with him, trying to say hey, if there’s anything else you want to tell us before you pass away, let’s just make this right and help these families if you have done more of these,” said Kerri. 

Kerri said her main goal is to help the authorities. 

“That’s been hard for me because of course he was lying to our family the whole time growing up, I just didn’t know it at times so, I’m not the best person to be able to tell when somebody’s lying… It’s difficult for me because if my father has basically touched one more hair on somebody’s head then I want to nail him to the wall. But if he is innocent on the rest of these then I feel like I have a responsibility to defend him on these,” said Kerri. 

Kerri said her father isn’t cooperating with her or law enforcement, and his stories change frequently. She said they talked about the cold case when she visited him in prison. 

“We’re finding irregularities in his conversations with me and law enforcement where he’s changing his story quite a bit. We don’t know if he’s lacking memory, or if he’s playing games. It seems more like he’s trying run us all down all of these holes. Like, in my second conversation with him especially, he just had me all over the place.” said Kerri. 

The Osage County Sheriff told KFOR they are working with agencies in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.  

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office said, “this ongoing investigation has uncovered potential connections to other missing persons cases and unsolved murders in the Kansas and Missouri areas, which are possibly linked to Dennis Rader.” 

They are especially working with Kansas authorities because they feel they’ve found information that would help them on some of their cases. 

Sheriff Eddie Virden said he has talked with Dennis Rader several times and “he’s pretty notorious for playing cat and mouse games.” 

Virden also said this is the second time the Sheriff’s Office has been to the location. In 2006, there was a storage unit that was removed from the property along with everything inside. Years ago, Virden was alerted from someone that the area over by the storage unit contained Rader’s victim’s driver’s license, which was never found. 

In 2020, Park City boarded a six-foot sidewalk over the top of the location where the storage unit was. The Sheriff’s Office did some digging underneath the concrete from the side and found one pantyhose. 

With the recent lead from Rader, this time the Sheriff’s Office requested Park City to move the concrete. During the investigation this week, the Sheriff’s Office found two different locations of where objects had been buried. They found personal type items and restraint type items in those locations. 

The Sheriff also told KFOR they have information of other locations that the Sheriff’s Office plans to visit in the future. 

They are not releasing the items found yet since it is an open investigation, and said they are sharing some of their information with the OSBI. 

Kerri plans to visit her father soon in prison to continue to help authorities gather information.  

“It’s very frustrating to be his kid and have gone through all of this that he’s put my family through and then to think it was just 10 the last 18 years and then to find out maybe that’s not the case, it’s just extremely heart wrenching and very difficult,” said Kerri.