OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Some concerned drivers in Oklahoma City are worried about the bridge at I-44 and May Avenue that appears to be buckling.

Thousands of cars and even trucks drive over the overpass each day, but recently some drivers started to notice something may be wrong. 

“You can see where it buckles up… It looks not only raised, but it looks like it’s swollen, like it’s lifted up,” said Russell Robinson, uses the bridge daily.  

Russell Robinson lives nearby and drives over the bridge every day. 

Construction cones are highlighting the area of concern.  

“I didn’t know it was that bad. And I don’t think anybody driving over the bridge knows it’s like that. And now that I know about it, I’m a little hesitant going over that,” said Robinson.  

City leaders told KFOR temporary repairs have been completed.  

They’re seeking grant funding to cover the permanent fix.  

They add, one lane of May Avenue is closed for the time being and crews will be out soon to repair it.  

Officials also stress, this is not a structural issue, and the bridge is safe to drive over.  

However, even after the temporary repairs, drivers still have concerns.  

“It’s not leveled… If a heavy diesel comes over that with a heavy load, you never know what’s going to happen. Somebody needs to get up under that thing to see why it did that because it shouldn’t be lifted that far. And then you can look at the concrete. And the concrete is bowed,” said Robinson.  

One driver who frequently drives over the bridge said he noticed this problem last week. 

“The first few times I didn’t notice it but the other night I was going over it pretty fast and I slammed on my breaks and was like yeah that’s going to be expensive,” said Blake Garvin.

Blake Garvin is concerned about the safety of his car more than anything.  

“I’m concerned for my car. I think the stability of the bridge should be alright I assume. They make them to last but auto repairs are expensive,” said Garvin.  

The city also said there is no need to steer clear of the bridge.  

KFOR will keep you updated on the repairs.