NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A Campus Corner employee was beat up by four customers late Thursday night, and the attack is causing a feeling of concern for nearby businesses.

Nearby business employees describe the area as “super vibrant, a lot of optimism” and “pretty safe.”

However, Lt. Ali Jaffery with the Norman Police Department told KFOR they were dispatched to the 700 block of Asp Avenue in Campus Corner Thursday night where they found one victim suffering from non-life-threatening injuries after an attack.

Jaffery said it doesn’t appear to be a targeted attack as of now, but their investigation is still ongoing as they continue searching for the alleged suspects.

While on the lookout for the alleged suspects, nearby businesses said they’re now concerned.

“I got to look over my shoulder a little bit more, and it’s just one thing, just laying it in the back of your mind no matter what,” said Michael Cote, manager of Volare.

Cote added it makes him more alert hearing how recent the attack was, especially on his walk to and from work.

Jerry Lawson, the head of launch for a new Campus Corner business called Snag, explained to KFOR that he’s “completely shocked.”

“I have not seen anything, you know, concerning or would bewilder me at any time,” Lawson said. “I am surprised and definitely now concerned a little bit now. So yeah, definitely something to look out for and kind of take the necessary precautions.”

The two businesses tell KFOR they have a system in place to ensure the safety of each employee though.

“We have back parking spots behind here, and that’s where almost all the employees park, and we have cameras out there, so that is at least watched,” explained Cote. “And we can see it in our management room while we’re doing our checkout so we can visually see the cameras in the parking lot, so we can at least inspect that they get into their cars.”

Lawson said all of their employees are college students, which makes the concern a bit heavier, but “We have policies, you know, in the case that we need to close or take up further action. Those policies our students are aware of, and they know we are their number one resource.”

Jaffery said he doesn’t believe there is any danger to the public with this incident, but with school back in session, they’re ramping up patrol.

“As we have increased our population in the City of Norman by several thousand, we would certainly be patrolling areas more,” said Jaffery.

Jaffery also added that with this investigation, they’re asking for the public’s help identifying the four individuals.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Norman PD’s crime tip line at (405) 366-7867. You can also report a crime tip online or via the P3 smartphone app.