CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office says scammers have been using bogus emails to get citizens to purchase eBay cards, gift cards or other cash cards and providing the card numbers to the fraudsters. However, deputies say these emails are spoofed and are not from the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

These types of scams are similar to fake arrest warrants and paying bonds over the phone.

“Canadian County Sheriff’s Office has not and will not ever ask for money, card numbers, or request money over the phone, through text messages, or emails. These emails or communications should be ignored and reported to law enforcement.”

If you are a victim of these scams please contact either the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement to report these attempts.

Again, these emails, texts, or phone calls may sound or look official, but they are not. 

Citizens can contact the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office at 405-262-3434 at any time to verify the communications are fake.

If contacted, do not to engage in conversation and block them immediately.