OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Authorities are look for a man who recently drove off with a new set of wheels by using someone else’s ID.

Police are hoping you can help solve the crime – with a look at surveillance photos. 

Having a new car to your name sounds nice – unless you don’t know you’ve bought it. 

That’s the frustrating ordeal one Kansas man is facing in a case of stolen identity that happened in Oklahoma City.

“The suspect had reached out to the car dealership, wanted to purchase a vehicle,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Dept. “This was through Enterprise Rental Cars. You can actually purchase cars through them and came into the store, presented the fake I.D. ultimately left with the vehicle.” 

Police say the fraudster ended up financing the used car for more than $27,000 at the Oklahoma City Enterprise. 

The trouble for suspect started when the dealership reached out to the real owner of the I.D. who was shocked that his name was listed as the owner of the car. 

“He indicated, ‘No, my ID was stolen and I have not purchased the vehicle and I’m not in the market to purchase one,’” Knight said. “So that was really what tipped them off initially that this was going on.” 

Police say in this case, the victim seems to have taken the right steps.  

“He reported it missing,” said Knight. “He’s not going to be out money on this because he’s really not the victim in this case.” 

Norton Credit Monitoring advises folks whose ID is stolen to freeze their credit with bureaus. That will stop identity thieves from taking out loans or credit cards in your name. 

Additionally, you can place a one-year fraud alert on your credit reports. 

KFOR has reached out to Enterprise for comment, and they sent the following statement:

We are aware of this situation, which is a case of identity theft – and goes beyond a stolen ID. The individual’s ID and additional personal information he provided passed multiple checks. We are working closely with local authorities on this fraud case. Please reach out to local authorities for any additional information.

Enterprise Holdings

If you recognize the man in the photos, call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.