GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – Days after he was laid to rest, the eight pallbearers who carried Brexten Green’s casket were seated in the backyard of his family’s home, sharing fond memories of their friend, including his genuine qualities and uncanny ability to connect with many different people.

“The honor of knowing that we were going to be there to escort our brother was really important to us,” said Brandon Collier.

Green, 20, died in a cliff jumping accident at Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma over the July 4th weekend.

Brexten Green

While some had known him longer than others, the sentiment was the same: in his short time living, he had left an indelible mark on the hearts and lives of many people.

“[In everything] he did, he put everyone else first,” said one longtime friend, Tabor McClure, while sharing an anecdote to describe their friendship. “His family was everything [and] his friends were everything.”

“He always looked better than us too, but we never told him that,” he added stirring a chuckle within the group.

A friend who delivered the eulogy at the funeral, said it was difficult to encompass all that Brexten meant in his short time.

“Even after [the service] there were things that I thought of [that I felt] I should have added in there,” said Drew Baker.

“I could [deliver the eulogy] on him every day for 20 years and never have the same copy of it,” he added.

The standout athlete had attended Cashion High School and was set to begin his second year at Emporia State University in Kansas this fall.

Recounting his life to KFOR, his family said the day of his death was one of the most difficult days they’ve experienced as a family, while saying Brexten had given 100 percent to life.

“[When] we found out, we packed everything up [from a trip out of state] and drove back to Oklahoma,” said his father, Brett Green, also describing in detail how the community has rallied around the grieving family.

“All they [his friends and community] wanted to do was love us,” he added. “They were hurting and we were hurting. But this community is one of a kind, special.”

More than 50 kids joined together to remember Brexten at a morning sunrise

“So many people have made my son larger than life, and he was,” said his mother LaMae in Monday’s interview with KFOR, also describing her last conversation with him.

“It was just one more step that God gave me, that peace… is the last thing I got to do is tell him how much I loved him.”

“That boy’s heart was bigger than I’ve ever seen,” said one older sister Karsyn Miller. “He just, he loved hard. He loved strong. And he just, it impressed me with how he could make everyone just so loved.”

“He was more than an athlete, more than the life of the party,” added his other sister Masyn. “He was the most genuine human I’ve ever met, and he made us feel special.”

Family members said Green’s July 9 funeral drew more than 1,400 attendees, with hundreds more viewing the memorial service online.

Brexten’s funeral drew more than 1400 attendees in person, according to his family

In the interview Monday, Brexten’s family said his life on and off the field was unmatched, and they were grateful for the life he’s lived, including the impact of his faith.

“He just had that way of making people see that this is what God would want us to,” said Karsyn.

“God gave me that boy for 20 years,” added his mother, tearing up. “[But] his work here was complete.”