CHOCTAW, Okla. (KFOR) – A Choctaw dad is furious after catching a driver on camera nearly hitting his two sons trying to cross the road to get to their school bus Wednesday.

“You can see it in the video, we are begging this guy to stop and he just runs right through the stop sign,” said Chris Biggs, the father of the two boys almost hit.

Riggs had captured the incident on his Nest home surveillance camera that morning near Choctaw Road and Southeast 44th.

In the video, his vehicle is sitting in the driveway while the school bus is stopped on the opposite side when a white car speeds in between the two.

His two sons looked to be inches from getting hit.

“I saw him drive out of the cul-de-sac just down the road,” said Riggs. “So when you think about it, he had plenty of time to stop. You’re telling me that with the bus and its flashing lights, the sign, and our honking, the guy had no idea there were kids crossing?”

Riggs said it seemed like the car started speeding up the closer it got to his kids.

“This isn’t the first time it’s happened either,” said Riggs.

According to him, the same person driving the same vehicle out of the same neighborhood committed the same act.

“September 19th and the bus driver was stopped again while this guy just plows through,” said Riggs. “The bus driver thinks the road is safe because the neighborhood isn’t far so he waves them through but no, the guy comes flying through.”

After this second time, Riggs decided to chase after the driver and get pictures if he could.

“I think if parents are going through the same thing as me then they have to get a tag,” said Riggs. “I think we have no choice and I’m impressed with the police. I put that report into Oklahoma City Police and they were here within ten minutes, no lie.”

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, a report has been filed and they are looking into it.

“The sad part is, you know, it’s a situation where the driver has had so much warning,” said Riggs. “It’s not like he’s coming around a bend and he just didn’t see it because there was a split second to stop. No, this is a situation where he pulled out of the neighborhood and had to slowly accelerate for a quarter mile.”

No name was given by police as of Thursday night.