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SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Seminole officer is in the hospital after running into his own burning home while on duty to save his sleeping children.

Early Friday morning, neighbors of 33-year-old Anthony Louie called 911 to report flames shooting from the roof of Louie’s home.

His wife had just left for work about an hour before, leaving their 7-and-14-year-old children sleeping inside.

Officer Louie was working the night shift when the call came in. He realized it was his neighborhood, but did not know it was his own home until he arrived on scene.

Surveillance footage captured on a neighbor’s camera shows Officer Louie arriving on scene and running head-first into the flames.

A short time later, he’s seen getting his children out of the house to safety before collapsing on the front lawn.

Louie is now recovering at the hospital from smoke inhalation and burns to his face, arms and legs.

Officials say he has a few more surgeries to repair his skin and his home is a total loss.

Fellow officers at the Seminole Police Department have set up a fundraiser to help.

Within hours, they say donations began pouring in from across the country.