OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Someone broke into a metro business early Sunday morning and stole thousands of dollars in tools and other supplies, leaving police to look over surveillance video in hopes of finding the thief.

“They came in with a brand-new van and a trailer loaded with things that apparently they’ve been stealing from businesses all around us,” said Abby Wolfe, director of Marketing and Communications for Cory’s Audio Visual near Reno Avenue and Morgan Road.

It was 4:15 a.m. Sunday when Wolfe said the company’s cameras caught someone breaking into a gated area of their business.

“Somebody came in and decided to break into our fleet of vehicles,” Wolfe said.

Multiple videos show the entire 40 minutes the thief was there. They drove in with their van and trailer before pulling up next to the company vans. They broke into 6 total vehicles.

“Two of them happened to be our personal employees’ vehicles, which is probably the most unfortunate part of this,” Wolfe said.

They stole things like toolboxes, ladders and other supplies from the event production technology company as well as some personal items from the employees’ vehicles.

“That’s a really important part about this, is that the tools and the things that they stole, ladders, things like that are easily flippable somewhere else,” Wolfe said.

After a while, they left. Wolfe said two vans had multiple broken windows and were sent for repairs. The two vans left in their lot had one broken window each. Wolfe said there is somewhat of a silver lining on a rough Monday back to work.

“Not a lot of production equipment was taken, which is very lucky for us and our clients,” she said.

She said they also want to get the word out to potentially protect other businesses as well.

“After talking with the police, it seems as though this is happening every single night to businesses just like us,” Wolfe said. “We’re definitely making changes to make sure that this can never happen to us again.”

Wolfe said they don’t have a total inventory of what was stolen yet. However, Wolfe said it was easily thousands of dollars in items. After 70 years in business, she said the last time they were burglarized was 20 years ago at a different location. They’ve been at their current location for 6 years and Wolfe said they didn’t have any issues until now.