THE VILLAGE, Okla. (KFOR) – The owner of a home design store is asking for the public’s help after a woman was caught on camera sneaking into her office and stealing her wallet. 

“I don’t even know what to say. I’m just baffled by it,” said Mindi Burns, the owner of Studio M in The Village.

Burns told KFOR two women came into her store around 2 p.m. Thursday asking for help finding tile for a bathroom. 

“Looking at everything just like normal,” said Burns. 

Video surveillance shows two women enter Studio M. Image courtesy Mindi Burns.

Before leaving, Burns said a woman wearing a gray Texas A&M shirt asked to use the restroom, while Burns was at the front of the store talking to the other woman wearing white.

The two women left the store soon after. 

“Then about 30 or 40 minutes later, I got a notification on my phone that somebody had tried to use one of my credit cards,” said Burns. 

Burns called the number on the alert and discovered someone spent about $1,000 at a Walmart in Moore. She also looked in her purse and noticed her wallet was missing. 

Confused and concerned, Burns checked her security cameras, and everything started to make sense. 

“I just couldn’t even believe my eyes,” said Burns. 

Turns out the woman didn’t go to the restroom. The video shows her go into Burns’ office, find her purse, snatch Burns’ wallet and stuff it in her shirt. 

“Then just walked out here and talked to me,” said Burns. “She was five feet from me!”

Now, Burns is hoping someone will recognize them. 

“There’s no way that this was not planned,” said Burns. “They need to be stopped.” 

Anyone who recognizes the women is asked to call the police or Studio M. Burns said she filed a police report.