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CRESCENT, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office believe they have determined the cause of a house fire that killed a baby and two toddlers in Crescent on Sunday.

Officials with the Fire Marshal’s Office believe the fire was likely caused by an electrical issue.

Crescent Fire Department officials released a statement on social media on Tuesday, expressing their sympathies to the families of the children.

“An absolutely devastating house fire occurred on Sunday, May 22nd in our small community. We want to express our deepest sympathies and prayers to the family, who lost 3 beautiful children in the fire.

I want to thank everyone that has called, text or reached out to our Firefighters after the loss. Your prayers and kind words are felt, and help more than you know. We will heal in time, but we will never forget this tragic fire.

As the investigation continues, please understand we have very little information we can release at this time.
God Bless and prayers for everyone affected by this tragic fire.”

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The scene of a deadly house fire that killed a baby and two children in Crescent. Image KFOR

Enid News & Eagle reported Tuesday that the young victims were five months old, two years old and three years old.

The fire ignited Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Jackson and Oak streets.

Crescent Fire Chief Josh Rollins told KFOR on Sunday that the fire began in a small structure near the home and spread to the house, completely engulfing it.

“It was huge. [The flames] burst out of that little building and I mean, just completely got out of control,” Dylan Murch, a neighbor who witnessed the tragedy, said to KFOR on Sunday. “I ran across there and grabbed my phone and dialed 911 and the mother was down on her knees, you know, screaming for help.”

All three children were found dead in a shed outside the home, according to Enid News & Eagle.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigating is assisting the Fire Marshal’s Office with the investigation.

The children’s mother was home when the fire ignited, Rollins said. She was taken to a nearby church to help console her.