OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – “This is what she was made to do.” Chris Splitt of Oklahoma City talking about his wife Rhonda, the driving force of Celebrating Together; a group organizing 4 dances a year for young people dealing with disability challenges. Rhonda is the CEO and President of the group.  

Rhonda’s passion started at an early age. Rhonda’s older brother and younger sister had disabilities. Plus…Rhonda and Chris have battled heartbreak during their life together. “My oldest son Hunter also had special needs…we lost him a couple of years ago,” Rhonda told us. “But he always enjoyed going to the events that we used to have before we started Celebrating Together.  Even when he passed, we wanted to continue the mission we just love it so much. We love seeing all the kids and making them happy.”  Friend Jeanne Malson nominated Rhonda for Pay It Forward. 

“But this is her calling. Her husband’s calling. They just love doing this,” Jeanne said.  “Seeing the smiles all those kids come out with it’s phenomenal.”  After receiving the 400 dollar Pay It Forward cash prize we went with Jeanne as she surprised Rhonda with it at it her home.  “You’re so deserving of this,” Jeanne told her.  

After thanking everyone, Rhonda told the group gathered to surprise her, “I think it is just as beneficial for me as it is for them.” Jeanne’s daughter Becky who has gone to nine years of the Celebrating Together dances may have summed it up perfectly. “That lady is so beautiful,” Becky told Rhonda. 

A beautiful tribute to a lady dedicated to Pay It Forward.