OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Central Oklahoma Contractor is accused of embezzling more than $60,000 from multiple victims.

“They take portions of the money up front, continue sometimes to do some of the work and then other times not doing any of the work,” said the Assistant Attorney General, Consumer Protection Unit, Matthew Willoughby. “Then at some point they leave the victims to clean up the mess.” 

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor filed charges in Cleveland County against 47-year-old Delbert Middleton, according to officials with the AG’s office.

Middleton, who owned 10 Roofing and Construction Inc., is charged with four counts of embezzlement and one count of pattern of criminal offenses.

“These are extremely serious,” said Willoughby. 

He allegedly took money from four victims for projects he started but did not finish. He is also accused of not paying his sub-contractors, which resulted in liens being filed against one victim’s property, according to the AG’s office.

“He would essentially leave the job, leave subcontractors unpaid, in some instances, the subcontractors filed liens against the homeowners,” said Willoughby. “They’re currently out the money that they that they paid to Mr. Middleton… [Plus] Each set of victims had to essentially hire an additional contractor to come in and fix the job or continue the job.”

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit investigated Middleton, and uncovered fraud allegations going back to January 2021.

Middleton faces up to 32 years in prison, up to $65,000 in fines and financial restitution to the victims if he is convicted.

O’Connor advises consumers who believe they were a victim of fraud to file a complaint by calling the Consumer Protection Unit at 1-833-681-1895.

Visit www.oag.ok.gov/consumer-protection-unit for more tips on how to avoid contractor fraud.