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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two inmates who escaped the Oklahoma County Jail by scaling down the side of the building have now been charged for the crime.

Pablo Robledo was in jail for first- degree murder after a shooting in March 2019. His cellmate, Jose Hernandez was in jail for alleged rape, sexual battery and burglary.

“We put our most dangerous people up on the 12th floor just as extra precaution; they’re both very dangerous individuals,” Jail Administrator Greg Williams said.

In July, the two inmates broke out a window on the 12th floor and scaled down the side of the Oklahoma County Jail using a rope made of bedsheets and paper products.

During the escape, Hernandez couldn’t hold on, telling police he fell when he reached the fourth floor and broke his leg.

He was found around 7 a.m. When they did a search of the jail, they realized Robledo was nowhere to be found.

Police ultimately found Robledo in a southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

“We used all kinds of techniques and investigative techniques to try and locate him, and once again we were successful in getting him back into custody,” Johnny Kuhlman, with the U.S. Marshals, said.

Now, the inmates have been charged for the escape.

They are now charged with escape, conspiracy to commit a felony, and malicious injury to property.

Court documents state that repairs to the jail from the escape attempt will cost more than $5,000.