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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Three men have now been charged with falsely reporting a crime after a use of force incident involving Oklahoma City Police.

“We’re just wanting to know why you’re hanging out over at the Carver Center, behind the bushes,” an officer is heard saying on body camera footage from April 29.

Oklahoma City police were on the scene of a bizarre 911 call last Thursday.

“There’s a guy hiding in the bushes, like ninja style, I don’t know what he’s doing. He might be trying to plant some dope on the facility. It’s a correctional deal,” a man is heard saying on the 911 call.

It was a call that would eventually launch an investigation and social media outrage into an Oklahoma City Police Department officer’s use of force.

The department shared body cam footage of the incident.

In it, you can see an officer approaching a man named Floyd Wallace Jr. outside of a correctional center on South May.

Officers didn’t know it at the time, but Wallace is a self-proclaimed “First Amendment auditor” from Nebraska who spends his time recording law enforcement officers across the country.

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Floyd Wallace Jr.

Wallace was seen refusing to give his name, or answer the officer’s questions.

“Go away,” Wallace told the officer.

“I don’t understand why you’re trying to be so sneaky by putting your hands in your pockets, trying to make me on edge, brother. I don’t understand,” an officer is heard telling Wallace.

Another officer then joins in.

“What’s your name and badge number?” Wallace asked the officer.

“What are you doing?! What’s that for? What’s that for?” A officer said to Wallace after he held up his phone.

“Bye, bye. Go away,” the officer said to Wallace.

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Floyd Wallace Jr. on an Oklahoma City police officer’s body cam video.

Wallace is then seen following the officer.

“What’s your name and badge number?” Wallace asked again.

“Back off,” the officer says.

You then see the officer shove Wallace to the ground. Wallace was then put in handcuffs.

The officer claimed Wallace raised a fist, something Wallace denies.

He was arrested on scene and bonded out the next day.

However, on Thursday, new charges were filed.

This time, against Wallace and two others, Patrick Roth and Timothy Harper.

You may remember Harper from a number of previous KFOR stories. He’s a self-described “Second Amendment auditor”.

Harper was arrested in 2019 after he was accused of taking a rifle into a restaurant.

Timothy Harper
Timothy Harper

The affidavit says Harper is the one who dialed 911 from Roth’s phone while Roth allegedly stood watch nearby recording the incident himself.

KFOR broke the news of the charges to Roth earlier by phone.

“I had no indication or knowledge or plan or anything like that of Tim calling. If Tim really did call like it says in the affidavit, I’m highly surprised,” Roth told KFOR.

However, he believes police got the wrong guy.

“I’m innocent, that’s all I want to say. I am innocent,” Roth said.

According to court documents, the whole scheme was designed to create, quote, “a false emergency call about a possible crime in progress” and to, quote, “elicit a uniformed officer’s response for the benefit of their social media.”

We did call Oklahoma City police for comment on the recent charges. They say they released the body cam footage to be transparent and the affidavit speaks for itself.

Arrest warrants have been filed for Harper, Wallace and Roth, but as of Thursday afternoon, none have been arrested.