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CHICKASHA, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s been over one week since a four-year-old and her 67-year-old grandfather were stabbed to death inside their Chickasha home. All of it was allegedly by one of their own family members, 42-year-old Lawrence Anderson. 

Monday night, investigators said that same family member may be responsible for a third murder.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations is still investigating the unfolding story in Chickasha, but the family of the third woman killed are demanding answers. They said they want to know why the man’s sentence was commuted in the first place. 

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Andrea Blankenship

“We’ve lost a part of our heart that we will never get back,” said Brooke Burris Wofford, a cousin of 41-year-old Andrea Blankenship, who was found dead in her Chickasha home. 

Anderson was just released from prison in mid-January. He was out for less than three weeks on a commuted sentence when the crimes occurred. 

Investigators said Anderson stabbed his uncle and 4-year-old Kaeos to death. However, the alleged spree didn’t end there. Detectives now believe Anderson also murdered Blankenship, who was found dead in her home on the same street as the first two murders. 

“We need some more answers,” Burris Wofford said. 

OSBI officials said on Thursday they now have evidence that Anderson killed Blankenship before he killed Leon Pye and Kaeos and stabbed Delci Pye.

Wofford said Blankenship was a single mother of two who lived alone and worked from home. She said the family is unaware of any relationship between her and her alleged killer. 

“We want to know why this monster who is dangerous was released,” Wofford said. 

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Lawrence Anderson

Anderson was originally sentenced to prison in 2006 for attacking and pointing a gun at his girlfriend. He went back to prison in 2012 for selling crack cocaine near an elementary school. Anderson was sentenced again in 2017 for having a gun and sneaking drugs into jail. However, just three years later, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed off on a commuted sentence, which was granted by the state pardon and parole board. Anderson was released from prison for a third time on Jan. 18. 

“Let us know the reasoning behind why he would release such a violent criminal,” Burris Wofford said. 

Burris Wofford is now in the same spot as Kaeos’s grieving parents. They spoke to KFOR just two days after their daughter’s murder. 

“For me right now, it’s just like random bursts of sorrow, complete sadness that overtakes you,” said Tasha Yate, the mother of four-year-old Kaeos, who was allegedly murdered by Anderson. 

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Leon Pye and Kaeos

“I do know my dad and my daughter are walking in the gates of heaven together,” said Taranzo Pye, Kaeos’ father and Leon Pye’s son. “I can see my dad; he’s picking her up saying, ‘Come on, Kaeos. Come on with papa. It’s going to be OK.’” 

The two families are bonded together by an unimaginable tragedy. Both are left hoping for justice. 

“Nothing will bring Andrea back to us,” Burris Wofford said. “The pain will not go away.” 

A fourth person, Kaeos’s grandmother Delci Pye, was also stabbed in the incident. She was reportedly stabbed in the eye. However, she did survive the attack. As of Monday night, she is recovering in the hospital. 

All inmates have a right to request a hearing for commutation, which Anderson did. However, at the time, his probation and parole officer reported that Anderson remained a threat to both himself and society. The pardon and parole board granted his commutation 3-1. It was stated by Anderson that he would be living in Texas with his daughter and working in the oil field at the time. His address was later changed to his aunt and uncle’s home in Chickasha. 

Anderson faces multiple charges, but official charges have not been filed yet because of severe weather and related closings, OSBI officials said.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the Blankenship family.