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CHANDLER, Okla. (KFOR) – The trial of a father accused of child neglect in Lincoln County continued Tuesday.

Jimmy Jones Sr. is accused of willful and maliciously neglecting his 15-year-old son.

It’s a case we first told you about in 2018.

Living on a farm near Meeker, Jones Sr. allegedly forced his son to live in a barn, not feeding him and not allowing him access education or health care. 

Initial reports said the boy was so malnourished he was eating twigs and grass to stay alive, suffering from head wounds and a shotgun wound in the leg.

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Jimmy Jones Sr.

On Day Two of the trial, prosecutors focused on the deplorable living conditions they say Jimmy Jones Sr. forced his 15-year-old son to endure.

Investigators took the stand today showing hundreds of pictures of the barn the 72-pound boy was living in.

They showed images of chicken feces, feed and dirt on the floor next to the couch he slept on.

There was no water in the toilet and rat feces on the floor in the bathroom. 

Then they showed pictures of the very normal living conditions in the main house where the rest of the family lived, including plenty of food and a very typical room for the 4-year-old child in the family. 

Prosecutors also pointed out pictures of health insurance cards inside the home showing the family had access to health care.

The defense argued there were no locks on doors of the house, or the food cabinets within, saying the boy would then have had access to the food.

In the afternoon, the Child Advocate Center Official that did the first interview with the boy, testifying that he looked similar to a “Holocaust Survivor” when he was brought to her.

Pictures shown in court, matching her testimony of the boy’s terrible condition.

She says skin was hanging from the bone, there were multiple wounds on his scalp and legs, and there were layers of filth on his ankles, feet and hands.

She says he appeared to be closer to 10 years old than to his actual age of 15. 

She told jurors it was the most severe case of malnourishment she had seen in her career, saying the boy didn’t have the strength to finish the interview and needed medical attention.

Later, a DHS worker that was with the boy during the 3 weeks he was in the hospital, testified to the boys bloated stomach and scabs caked in dirt and filth. This witness also claiming he looked like a Nazi Concentration Camp victim and saying, like those of the Holocaust, he had to be re-introduced to food slowly as to not hurt him even more.

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Prosecutors will continue with their case on Wednesday.

Jimmy Jones Sr. is not in custody as the trial continues.

If found guilty, Jimmy Jones Sr. could face life in prison.