OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Another arrest has been made in an Oklahoma City teenager’s brutal 2017 killing

“[It’s] just like a weight lifted off our shoulders,” said Carrie Zander, the victim’s aunt to KFOR about two weeks ago. 

Wilson Perez, 19, was brutally murdered in September 2017, but who did it remained a mystery until recently.

Wilson Perez
Wilson Perez
Photo provided by Carrie Zander

A friend of Perez’s allegedly wrote a letter to investigators detailing what happened. 

Those details, led to the arrest of Bryan Trochez-Himinez last week. 

Bryan Trochez-Giminez
Bryan Trochez-Giminez
Credit: US Marshals Service

“You don’t know how much it means,” said Zander. “There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for this person coming forward.” 

Now, court documents are revealing chilling new details and a women’s role in the murder. 

Stacey Juarez mugshot
Stacey Juarez
Photo courtesy: Jasper County Detention

Stacey Juarez allegedly told police she lured Perez to Harlow Park by flirting with him on Facebook.

Once there, Trochez-Himinez showed up, kicked Perez and placed the end of a shovel on his neck.

Meanwhile, Juarez allegedly covered Perez’s mouth with her hands, eventually killing him. 

According to court documents, Juarez then took Perez’s phone and wallet out of his pockets.

Trochez-Himinez then gave Juarez between $200 and $300 of the victim’s stolen cash as “payment for her part in the murder.” 

Juarez was arrested in Jasper County, Missouri and was booked in jail there Thursday.