OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The Choctaw community gathered to pray for those impacted by Friday Night’s traumatic shooting.

More than 100 people showed up at Choctaw Road Baptist Church to comfort one another, many were still shaken by what happened.  

Three people were shot during the shooting during Choctaw High School’s football game against Del City.

KFOR confirmed the teen killed was a 16-year-old Midwest City High School student. Two others were wounded.

The community bonded together during tragedy by meeting at Choctaw Road Baptist Church Sunday.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere of unity in the community, bring some hope and peace to our students minds,” said Elijah Mire, Student Pastor at Choctaw Road Baptist Church.

Church leaders said it was important to give students an opportunity to talk about the nightmare they lived through just days ago.

“It’s difficult for some of them to really explain what’s going on in their minds,” added Mire.

Sarah Coquat attended the game for what should have been a moment of celebration for her family. It was her son’s first game of his sophomore year. But she quickly realized cheers turned to screams.

“I don’t want that panic again that’s something I just can’t describe,” said Coquat. “We hear 6 shots, like just pop, pop, pop, pop,” stated Coquat.

Chaos took over and panic set in.

Coquat said she immediately began searching for her three children.

“I see the fear in those football players in that locker room trying to find kids and parents and organize,” she said. “My son putting those shoulder pads on his brother to protect him, that gets me every single time.”

Like Coquat and her family, others who witnessed the shooting are left piecing together what happened. But it will be a memory her family will be scarred with forever.