MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – Feeding families in need thousands of miles away. That was the mission Saturday at Holy Spirit Catholic Church as around 100 volunteers sorted and bagged food packets. The church started a collection a year ago. The money raised would go towards food packets the church would send to hungry families in poverty-stricken countries.

“The money collected was over $14,000 in the year,” said Father Joseph Jacobi of Holy Spirit Catholic church.

The money bought the supplies for the food packets, things like dry goods and beans. The church had an ambitious goal of 40,000 bags, packed in one day.

“It’s a wonderful blessing not only to the people that we feed with these food packets, but also to the people who have come to work together to do so,” said Jacobi. “And getting to know others and also to get a sense of a wider community to which they belong.”

The sense of community guided one group of young volunteers to organize the campaign. They have learned early that kindness, even in a bag, can go a long way.

“It makes us all really happy just to be involved in something this big and like see everybody smiling faces whenever they’re doing it,” said volunteer Isabella Dillard.

The group surpassed its goal by filling more than 41,000 packets. Food that will fill the bellies of hungry families.