BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – Officials in Bethany say they are having to take more drastic measures to keep up with water demand in the community.

“Bethany citizens have not been responsive to Stage 2 water rationing. Therefore, our booster pumps are unable to keep up with demand,” the City of Bethany posted on Facebook.

As a result, the City of Bethany is moving to Stage 4 water rationing for one week.

Residents will only be permitted to hand water gardens and flower beds.

“The City of Bethany is working diligently to keep up with the usage of water. Despite the rainfall we received previous months, the City’s water comes from wells. Because of this, rainfall amounts don’t impact our city’s water levels as it would in a reservoir system. The availability of water is not a critical issue; however, the capacity of our pumps is. In short, water levels are fine, but our pumps and boosters cannot keep up with the demand,” the city posted.

If the pumps cannot keep up with the latest rationing measures, the city says it has the option to purchase water from Oklahoma City. However, that could lead to a significant bill.