NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Once again, a metro veterinarian is facing legal trouble as nearly 700 total animals were seized from his residence over the last 14 months. 

This week, the City of Norman filed a lawsuit against Aaron Stachmus and his husband, Bryson Anglin. 

“Anybody who abuses animals obviously should not own them, you know,” said Zach Paulk, the Game Warden for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. “The court system will deliver due diligence in the prosecution of the case.” 

On May 31, the Norman Police Department and Norman Animal Welfare executed a search warrant at the couple’s residence.

According to court records, 168 animals were removed from the property during this search. 

“It was discovered that several animals were in need of immediate veterinary care and it was also discovered that many of these animals did not have adequate access to food, water and shelter,” said Matthew Woodard, with Norman PD. 

Court records detail that authorities found “43 rabbits crammed tightly together in wire cages, ostriches “with deformed feet,” and an emu that eventually died. 

Just over a month ago, another 168 animals were taken from the property

In July of 2021, Stachmus found himself in a similar situation as Norman Police took more than 350 animals off of his same property. In that case, the veterinarian is facing charges of animal abuse and animal cruelty. 

The number of animals seized totals to 686. 

So what happened to those hundreds of animals?

“They were placed in the care of various foster and rescue groups,” said Woodard. 

Despite the lawsuit, the Oklahoma Veterinary Board confirmed that Stachmus is still practicing because he already served his 60-day suspension. That suspension lasted from Dec. 23, 2021 to Feb. 20, 2022. 

According to the Oklahoma State Court’s Network website, both Stachmus and Anglin have a bond hearing scheduled for Monday, June 13.