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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The December holiday season marks a time for parties, poinsettias and presents under the tree. Instead of tossing it all in your ‘Big Blue’ trash bin, try recycling instead.

Here’s a list from the City of Oklahoma City that shows what’s naughty and what’s nice for city recycling.


  • Plain paper holiday cards
  • Cardboard boxes and wrapping paper tubes
  • Plain, brown wrapping paper and plain paper gift bags
  • Glass bottles and jars (empty, clean, and dry)
  • Aluminum foil products, steel fruit and vegetable cans (empty, clean, and dry)
  • Plastic drink bottles (empty)

Put the items loose in your ‘Big Green’ recycling bin, and make sure you empty and clean any item that has had food or liquid.

Do not put items for recycling in plastic bags, and do not put plastic bags in your recycle cart.


  • Wrapping paper, tissue/crepe paper and gift bags
  • Christmas lights, tinsel, ribbons, and bows: These “tanglers” get caught in recycling equipment and delay production. Toss them in your ‘Big Blue’, or re-use ribbons and bows another year.
  • Plastic bags and wrap, including bubble wrap, cling wrap and shipping packaging
  • Paper plates, cups, and napkins
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Shipping peanuts and protective foam
  • Stockings, tree skirts, that ugly Christmas sweater, or any other clothing, sheets or blankets
  • Christmas trees – real or artificial – Put your Christmas trees out for monthly bulky waste collection or call the Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department at 405-297-3882 to ask about their mulching program.
  • Wreaths and greens – Compost your greenery and wreaths, or bag them and put them in your ‘Big Blue’ trash cart.

Toss these items in your ‘Big Blue’ trash bin, or compost them, if appropriate.

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