OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Trash piles keep growing at the troubled Creekside Apartments in southwest Oklahoma City. Now, the city is stepping in to get the complex cleaned up.

KFOR has done multiple reports at the apartment complex, near Southwest 59th and Agnew, ranging from horrific plumbing problems, no air conditioning, and now growing heaps of garbage.

“It needs to be shut down,” said Danielle Johnson, a nearby resident.

“The property is definitely a public nuisance,” said Kristy Yaeger, the Public Information Officer of Oklahoma City.

Two weeks ago, News 4 first reported on the piles of trash at the Creekside Apartments.

Little Lynne’s Daycare, next door to the apartment complex called us. Workers there said the trash pickup stopped happening at the complex months ago.

So, residents living there rent free and without utilities, reportedly began burning it. One fire spread to the daycare’s playground damaging their equipment.

The trash bins were then reportedly taken. Then, the garbage started piling up.

Two weeks ago, the owner Jose Belman of the California-based Capital Homes LLC, told KFOR he fixed the problem with the trash service.

“The trash should really be completed no longer than Thursday just because of the amount,” Belman told News 4 on February 21st.

Days later, the daycare sent us video of a front loader at work.

“I recorded it for a few minutes to send to you all to let you know, ‘Hey, the ball is rolling, Progress is happening,'” said Chrysta Koskei.

Koskei’s excitement left when the front-loader did minutes later with barely any work done.

On Tuesday, there is even more trash. KFOR’s crews counted around 7 big piles.

Those living by the complex told News 4 that little ones live in the apartments, while maggots live in the heaps.

“There’s kids that play around out here. they don’t deserve to be over here,” said Danielle Johnson, a nearby resident.

On Tuesday, we called Belman twice. We missed his call during an interview. We then called and texted him back two more times. News 4 was unable to talk to him.

Now, the city of Oklahoma City is stepping in.

Last week, the OKC City Council voted and can now charge the owner for police and fire responses.

“It also means that we’re going to go out and we’re going to continue to try to pick up trash,” said Yaeger. “We’ve put out some bids to hire a company and hope that we can get that starting to clean up in mid-March.”

“I just hope something can be done,” said Koskei.

The city said it also reached out to police and The Homeless Outreach Team to talk to the people living at the apartments. The city also wants nearby residents to call The Action Center to put pressure on the owners.

The city said Belman owes $55,000 in liens from unpaid fines and he owes the county unpaid taxes for the past three years.