OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Clemency was denied for death-row inmate, Scott Eizember, who is accused of killing an elderly couple in northeastern Oklahoma then going on a multi-state crime spree.

Mugshot of Scott Eizember
Scott Eizember. Image courtesy Oklahoma Department of Corrections

“I profoundly apologize to everyone involved,” said Eizember to the State Pardon and Parole Board. “I was completely in the wrong.”

“That was like my two year old apologizing,” said Kathryn Smith, Eizember’s ex-girlfriend. “It didn’t mean anything.”

During his clemency hearing, Eizember told the board he understood the scope of what was happening.

“After 19 years, this is the first time he’s ever claimed any kind of responsibility,” said Smith.

In October 2003, prosecutors said Eizember left the Tulsa County Jail and went to Smith’s home in Depew, to confront her about a protective order and money.

“I have never stolen money from him. He’s just an evil sociopath,” said Smith.

While waiting for her, Eizember allegedly hid inside AJ and Patsy Cantrell’s home across the street, when they unexpectedly returned. Prosecutors said while he held the married couple of 50 years captive, Patsy, 70, tried to calm him down. Eizember shot and killed her.

AJ and Patsy Cantrell. Image courtesy state of Oklahoma.

“Mom felt the Lord and still felt it necessary to speak to him about the Lord,” said Debra Cantrell-Wyatt, the couple’s daughter.

Then Eizember beat AJ, 76, with the same gun. Eizember threw AJ in the tub, with Patsy’s body on top of him, where he laid before he died. While gasping for air, prosecutors said Eizember went to the kitchen to eat chips and dip and drink soda.

The state said Eizember then went to his girlfriend’s home, shot her son, beat the son’s grandmother, before starting on a multi-state crime spree.

“What my son and my mother went through and the peoples from Arkansas went through is inexcusable,” said Smith.

Eizember was finally caught in Texas, when he was shot by a man he had kidnapped.

“There is no reason to kill him next month other than revenge,” said defense attorney Mark Henricksen.

Henricksen pointed out Eizember had a traumatic childhood. While he was still in the womb, his mother battled with addiction. She died by suicide when Eizember was only nine months, leaving him to be raised by an allegedly resenting father.

The defense attorney also pointed out that the situation escalated and Eizember never planned to kill the couple.

Henricksen said since Eizember has been locked up, he has studied multiple languages and mathematics. If the state spared his life, Henricksen said Eizember could be a mentor to other inmates.

“His prison history confirms that society is safe with him alive and in custody,” said Henricksen.

“I make no excuses. I belong in prison,” said Eizember.

“Eizember is somehow always the victim in nearly every situation he finds himself in. He even calls himself the ‘throw away’ man,” said Tessa Henry, assistant attorney general.

Now that the board voted 2-3 to deny clemency, the Cantrell’s daughter said she feels like she can finally sleep at night.

“I just wanted to live long enough to know that justice was carried out,” said Cantrell-Wyatt.

She’ll be there for Eizember’s execution in January, as will Eizember’s spiritual advisor.

“Love, mercy, hope. That’s not what came out of that meeting today. What came out of that meeting is death,” said Jeff Hood, Eizember’s spiritual advisor. “People of Oklahoma need to stop and ask themselves, do they want grace, mercy and love or do they want death?”

“I know a big holiday is coming January 12th,” said Cantrell-Wyatt.

Oklahoma Attorney General, John O’Connor provided News 4 with the following statement:

“Ultimately, an Oklahoma jury decided that death was the only just and appropriate punishment for the horrific murder of Mr. Cantrell. The conviction and sentence were affirmed after years of thorough reviews by the appellate courts. Eizember also received a sentence of 150 years for the murder of Mrs. Cantrell.

“The Pardon and Parole Board made the correct decision in denying Eizember’s request for executive clemency. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cantrell family.”