OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A frightening video has just been released by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office of a high-speed car crashing into a deputy vehicle that was pulled over on the side of the highway. The woman who hit him is now being investigated for driving under the influence.

“Oh! County, I’ve just been hit. I’ve just been hit. I’ve just been rear-ended,” Lt. Ryan Graham is heard yelling in the body cam video that was released on Thursday.

It was a routine traffic stop gone haywire for the deputy the night before Thanksgiving at about 9:30 p.m.

Graham had pulled over a van without a light on State Highway 39 and 156th St. in Lexington. 
Just moments before he was going to step out of his vehicle, a woman speeding in her car crashes into the back of his deputy SUV.

“You’re dealing with the shock of just being in an auto accident, thinking about what’s going on on the outside of your vehicle,” Graham said sharing his thoughts in the moment. “Is this something more than just a simple accident?”

He was thankful to only have minor injuries, before immediately turning his attention to others on the scene.

“The fortunate thing I saw was the vehicle that I pulled over didn’t have any damage at all and none of those people were injured,” he said. “That was a big relief for me.”

But the woman who hit him was sent to the hospital.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating her for driving under the influence.

“What we can say is that our deputies that arrived on scene that investigated her car found a bottle of whiskey and that bottle of whiskey was almost gone,” said spokesman Hunter McKee.
Graham also shared his takeaway.

“Drinking and driving is bad,” he said. “We can all take a lesson from this. We’re very thankful that evening that things didn’t turn out worse than they did.”

The Sheriff’s Office said the woman has not been officially charged, so they’re not releasing her name at this time. They have no update on her condition.