NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Imagine having to endure this week’s brutal temperatures with no heat in your home. Well, for one Cleveland County woman it’s not make believe. She’s had no heating in her rental home for almost three months and she’s dreading the coming days.

“Back here is where my furnace goes or where it was supposed to be or where it was and you see there’s no furnace,” Tamera Roberts said as she walked KFOR into her trailer home in Noble on 152nd St.

Roberts said her landlord took the central heating out of the trailer home before she moved in in early October. She said she was told the heating wasn’t working anymore and that she’d have to provide her own.

A document from Chapman Property Management was given to her saying, “the renter is aware of the shape the home is in, is aware the home is not supplied with central heat & air, and the tenant must provide their own units for the home.”

Roberts said she never signed that particular document, but only signed a lease.

It’s now late December and the cold weather has become hard to deal with.

“My hands are really cold,” she said. “My face is cold. I usually wear a coat in my house. I mean, that’s pretty bad whenever you have to wear a coat in your own house. You’re supposed to be warm and cozy in your home and I am not. I’m cold.”

She, her boyfriend, and his two kids have been dreading the forecast for Thursday with frigid temperatures and high winds predicted to exceed 60 mph.

“The front will be like a freezer door coming in,” KFOR’s Mike Morgan said. “Windchill factors will drop immediately down to near zero degrees in under an hour after the front comes through, and then we head right on down to -15, down to approaching -25. That’s as early as mid-day on Thursday.”

An attorney told KFOR it’s illegal for an Oklahoma landlord not to provide heat for a tenant. They can make the tenant pay for the heat, but heat must be provided.

We reached out to Roberts’ landlord, who did not respond to us. But within a minute of our message, she did message Roberts saying, “I see you contacted the news about your heater not working. You signed a lease agreement with acknowledgement you were to provide your own heat and air. You have the lease copy that states this. If you are unhappy with your living, I encourage you to find somewhere that’s suitable for you.”

Firs,t no heat since October, and now no hot water for the last month. Roberts is unsure of what to do.

“No hot water for four weeks now,” she said. “My landlord keeps saying that she’s going to get it fixed. I had an electrician out here yesterday and he made it worse. The whole back of my house don’t even have electric in it now.”

Roberts said she may take her complaints to city or county officials. In the meantime, she also might stay with her mother until the frigidly low temperatures pass.