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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A local Republican leader’s Facebook post condoning violence is provoking a strong response from others.

Dave Spaulding, the chair of the Cleveland County Republican Party, wrote the post on Facebook the morning of the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

It says, “I dont understand my conservative Christian friends who say violence is unacceptable. What the crap do you think the American revolution was? A game of friggin pattycake? Blood was shed and rightfully so! And Christ didn’t politely and kindly ask the money changers to change locations. Are you content to allow this country that our fathers fought and died for to become another banana republic?”

“Violence is not okay and advocating for violence when you’re in a position of power is worse than irresponsible, it’s dangerous,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Alicia Andrews.

Andrews called for immediate action.

“I’m not asking for his resignation. I’m asking for the Republican Party to do the right thing and stop him,” Andrews said. “And while they’re at it, stop this language of violence, this language of sedition, this language of treason has got to stop.”

On Monday, KFOR tried to reach Spaulding to address his post by phone, email, through other members of the Cleveland County Republican Party, and even at his home, but he has not responded.

KFOR also tried to reach leadership with the Oklahoma Republican Party but so far no one has responded.

In a statement, Richard Bornhauser, chair of the Cleveland County Democratic Party echoed Andrews comments.

“We are discouraged and disappointed to see the elected chair of the Cleveland County Republican Party amplify the lies of President Trump. We know the elections in November were fair, and countless judges and courts across the nation have thrown out the unsubstantiated claims of the President and his advisors.

The statements from Chairman Dave Spaulding do not meet the Oklahoma Standard.  His call for violence should be the last statement he is allowed to make on behalf of our Republican neighbors and friends across Cleveland County. At the very least, our Republican neighbors should demand his resignation.”

Richard Bornhauser, chair of the Cleveland County Democratic Party