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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A clock in downtown Edmond is getting a much-needed facelift, city officials say.

Vox Audio Visual of Oklahoma City began a renovation of the downtown Edmond street clock located at the major intersection of Broadway and 2nd Street on Friday morning.

The clock was one of 24 streetclock locations awarded funds from Inasmuch Foundation for complete technological upgrades to ensure their continued operation.

The clocks were originally installed by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission to celebrate Oklahoma’s Centennial in 2007. 

The foundation selected the 24 clock locations in Oklahoma County specifically owned by non-profits and municipalities.

Over 130 centennial clocks exist throughout Oklahoma with many of the clocks falling to disrepair due to lack of maintenance and reduced non-profit budgets.

“The upgrades that we are doing include replacing the electric movements in the clocks, upgrading the automatic controls. installing a Atomic receiver antennae inside which keeps the clocks correctly on time by receiving data from a military satellite, and replacing the fluorescent lighting with new energy efficient and longer lasting LED lighting,” said Jeff Bezdek, president of Vox Audio Visual.

The large four-face Centennial Clock located at Bronco Lake at University of Oklahoma was also upgraded earlier this year through a grant by the foundation. 

“Inasmuch Foundation is a proud partner of the Oklahoma Centennial Commission to rehabilitate all the beautiful Centennial Clocks owned by non-profits or on public land in Oklahoma County. When Lee Allan Smith and Blake Wade informed us the clocks required new state-of-the art Swiss made mechanical systems we were honored to help make this historic project a reality.  We also hope others around the State step up to fix Centennial Clocks in their local community.” said Robert J. Ross, Chairman and CEO of Inasmuch Foundation.

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