OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – Oklahoma is one of the three worst states to live in, and also not a stellar state for business, according to CNBC studies.

CNBC conducted a study that analyzed multiple life quality factors in states around the nation, and released a list of the 10 worst states to live.

The study found that Oklahoma is the third worst state to live in in 2022.

Oklahomans are not big on taking care of themselves, according to United Health Foundation data, which show they are among the least likely to exercise or even eat fruits and vegetables. The state is also among the worst for adults without health insurance, and childhood vaccines. Hospitals have spent much of the Covid-19 pandemic under stress, according to data from the Commonwealth Fund,” CNBC states about Oklahoma’s low ranking.

Texas came in at No. 2 and Arizona at No. 1.

CNBC looked at factors ranging from crime rates to environmental quality to health care, as well as availability of childcare and inclusiveness of state laws in areas such as protections against discrimination and voting rights.

Oklahoma also scored low marks for business.

The Sooner State came in 38th out of 50 in CNBC’s “Top States for Business 2022” list.

“We developed our criteria and metrics in consultation with a diverse array of business and policy experts, and the states. Our study is not an opinion survey. We use data from a variety of sources to measure the states’ performance,” CNBC said of its state-by-state business study.

Mississippi was ranked the worst state for business.