COLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Residents of Cole are still picking up the pieces Friday, only a couple of days removed from Wednesday nights tornado. One man told KFOR he’s just happy his family made it out alive.

“It’s devastating, you know,” said Rick Price as he choked up.

Price was understandably emotional after the storms on Wednesday. He said he’s just relieved it wasn’t worse.

“We’re safe and that’s what matters, right?” Price said.

Price is visiting from Arizona and was at his niece’s home when the sirens went off.

“My niece comes in and said, ‘we’ve got to go,” he said, recalling Wednesday night.

All six of them, plus the family’s dogs, ran to the bathroom to ride out the storm. Price said things were intense for about 10 minutes. He called it all surreal.

“Sounds like a freight train like everybody describes,” Price said.

After it passed, the family went outside and saw the damage. One side of the house was ripped apart. However, where they took shelter was almost untouched. Their home was one of a stretch of several hit by the tornado. Rubble was laying across their yard and things were very scattered inside even into Friday morning. Now, the family is in clean-up mode.

“Going to save as much as we can and make a plan from there,” Price said.

Lending support are Oklahomans like Brandi McMorris from Goldsby.

“We are just distributing goodie bags,” McMorris said Friday morning as she was driving home to home handing out their goodie bags with her two young sons. “They’re full of snacks, Gatorade, water.”

McMorris said her family has also been impacted by a tornado and she just wants to help. The Oklahoma standard in its purest form.

“It’s kind of in our DNA as Oklahomans is just to go out and help the best we can,” McMorris said.

“Things can be rebuilt. So, it’ll be good. They’ll be alright,” Price said.

If you or anyone you know needs help after this week’s storms, you can find more information here.