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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A collision report reveals more information in the crash where a group of Moore High School runners was hit by an alleged drunk driver. 

Two of those runners, Rachel Freeman and Yuridia Martinez, died from their injuries.

Four more students were seriously hurt. Three have been released from the hospital, but one, Kolby Crum, remains in critical condition.

The report shows that the driver in the hit-and-run, Max Townsend, was going about 78 miles per hour, which police say is faster than they originally thought.

“There are several residences that have several cameras that help with different angles of the vehicle in helping determine the speed of how fast it was going,” Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with Moore Police said.

Moore collision map showing where Max Townsend hit 6 students, cars, and a mailbox.

According to the report, Townsend was driving eastbound in the westbound lane on Main Street. 

He hit the rear of one vehicle, and then kept going onto the sidewalk, where the six students were hit.

Townsend kept going, traveling across a front yard on Main Street, and then across South Morgan Drive. He hit a mailbox, then drove into a parked car, and that car was pushed into another car. Then Townsend finally came to a stop.

The report also shows the point of impact and final resting positions for the six students. The furthest one shows a student thrown about 169 feet from the point he was hit.

The report says Townsend was showing signs of impairment. Police say the results of his blood test still haven’t come back yet, so they can’t confirm how intoxicated he may have been.

“Normally that does take a little while. They have expedited that,” Lewis said.

Police also say they will be releasing body camera footage once they get approval from the District Attorney.