PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – As KFOR covered severe weather on Wednesday, a News 4 viewer noticed Chopper 4 flying near the storm.

On Wednesday, April 19th, multiple tornadoes tore through the state leaving a path of destruction in areas like McClain and Pottawatomie Counties.

McIntyre Law Chopper 4 Pilot Reporter Mason Dunn and photographer Kevin Josefy were covering the weather from the sky when the storm began to pull the Chopper closer. That’s when Mason knew he needed to get to a safer place.

A News 4 viewer noticed Chopper 4 in the sky and began to cheer Mason on as he traveled near the storm.

“Come on, Mason! Oh man, did you see the lightning? Come on, Mason!” said News 4 viewer Susan.

Mason expressed his appreciation on Thursday after seeing the video.

“It’s pretty sweet, you know, for them to do that,” Mason said. “It was a little crazy yesterday, I could see dust being pulled in from the south and from the east so, that tells me that this storm had a lot of in flow to it and I knew, you know, that I didn’t want to get that close to it.”