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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After vandals damaged property at the Church of the Resurrection, community members who were not even affiliated with the church stepped in to help.

Vandals carved a swastika into a picnic table and tore the benches off their stands.

“I don’t think that symbol has a place in our society anymore, and it definitely doesn’t have a place in this place,” The Rev. Sean Ekberg, with Church of the Resurrection, said.

Ekberg says this isn’t the first time vandals destroyed their property.

Someone posted about the incident on Facebook, and about half a dozen people in the community decided to take action.

Shaun Pryor is one of them.

“The Deer Creek community, we don’t play, we come together,” he said.  

They tried to sand down the swastika.

“This isn’t black or white, this is one of those stories where it’s like, ‘this is wrong.’ I’m righting this wrong because this sucks. This is what we’re supposed to do as human beings, let’s just make it right,” Pryor said.

“I felt like grace is still in the world, and I think everyone’s been looking for God right now, and God’s very apparent and that happened here, and it’s beautiful, it really is beautiful,” Ekberg said. “Good nature has not left humanity.”

People wanted to buy new tables for the church, and Pryor went ahead and paid in full.

KFOR was there when he presented Ekberg with the surprise.

“We’ve had enough division in this country, in this state, in this city lately that I think we needed something positive,” Pryor said.  

“It’s beautiful, it really is,” Ekberg said.

 Ekberg says after the first surprise, people in the community paid for two additional tables.