OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Several ceremonies took place across the state to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., including a renewed declaration for nonviolence. 

It’s one of many topics expressed during a commemoration march in northeast Oklahoma City. 

“Right now, our society is in turmoil, and it’s left up to people to stand up, speak up and demand something different,” said Garland Pruitt, with the NAACP. 

All in attendance reflected on the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Behind the Freedom Center, the group honored the sacrifices of the past and committed to the future.

“That’s the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King,” said Roy Patterson. “He wanted us to move forward together and to value a person’s character, the content of their character versus the color of their skin.” 

The first step on MLK day was the traditional silent march in his honor from the Freedom Center to the Oklahoma History Center.

After the commemoration, the historic bell rang in solidarity with Dr. King’s message.

“Martin Luther King was for non-violence, and we see what’s going on around here,” said Pruitt. “If he were alive, he would be here promoting and endorsing things that are progressive, inclusive [and] peaceful.”