OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The heat’s back on for one OKC family who went without heat for two weeks, due to an issue with their gas line.

Paul Cason said he and his wife reached out to ONG a few days before Thanksgiving, believing there a gas leak in their home.

“We called ONG to come out and check it, and they shut our gas off, which is understandable, safe. But then it just kind of went south from there. We had a plumber do pressure testing and all kinds of stuff, and they figured out that there was no leak in the house, but there was an issue with either the service line or the meter,” he said.

Cason said they were eventually told they needed to get the service line replaced and the meter moved, but after several service calls from Oklahoma Natural Gas, few answers and still no heat, Cason said they reached out to KFOR on Monday for help.

“It just kind of snowballed into no one answering our calls and just confusion. And finally, after the two weeks of this, when you guys reached out to them and they had a temporary line [installed] about 2 hours later,” he said.

In a email to KFOR, an ONG representative confirmed service had been restored to the home but said the utility could not comment specifically about a customer’s service or situation:

When a customer calls for a gas leak, it is always treated as an emergency and we send a technician promptly. Once there, we determine if there is indeed a gas leak – either on our lines or inside the home/beyond the meter. In circumstances such as this, our safety protocols require us to turn the gas off until we receive an “all clear,” either from our team or from the homeowner’s plumber, which may require a city inspection, who can confirm the safety of the piping inside a customer’s home. We work promptly on our end, especially in winter months, because we understand the importance of natural gas in heating a family’s home. Once we receive notice the city inspection was completed, we send a team to restore service promptly — many times within hours

Oklahoma Natural Gas

“We’re fortunate that we have family in town that we can go stay with. I could have [also] gone and gotten a hotel room if we had needed to but there’s plenty of people that don’t have that,” said Paul.

“I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone but if it happens to somebody that doesn’t have the safety nets that I have, there might be some bigger issues,” he continued.

“You can’t go that long without heat to your house in the dead of winter. It’s just not safe”

To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately, the call 911 or 1-800-458-4251.