MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A residential construction project in Moore has one resident fed up.

The man said it’s been going on for months and that it’s been so bad, he and his neighbors struggle getting out of their own driveways and yards.

“A lot of frustration,” said Ron Richmond, a neighbor who lives right in front of the construction.

Richmond lives right in the middle of the mess near Norman Avenue and Main Street in Moore.

However, he isn’t upset with the work itself, since they are improvements to the street. He is upset with the timeline.

“I’m just trying to see if we can expedite things here,” Richmond said. “It’s been four months.”

Richmond said the cones were set in early June. Since then, the picture in front of his home has been less than pleasing. When KFOR showed up to speak with him, the construction workers were pouring concrete in his driveway.

“I haven’t been able to get to my driveway for the last four weeks,” Richmond said.

Richmond’s trash cans have to be walked across the street. For now, he said his neighbor is letting him park his car in their driveway.

His daughter is disabled, and he said even getting out of their yard has become a nightmare due to hazards like holes and rebar. At times, they’ve had to walk through the construction site in the dark.

“We’re climbing over these dirt piles to get out. Frequently there’s just stakes and boards laying everywhere,” Richmond said. “I’m worried about the safety of my daughter.”

At first, Richmond claims he wasn’t getting many answers as to the timeline and progress of the project. The construction is a city project and we reached out to the city of Moore for comment.

They told KFOR over the phone that the street is being completely redone with about 75 percent of it complete. After the driveway concrete cures, we’re told they should finish up the rest of the street sometime next week.

“I’m past frustration,” Richmond said. “As you can probably tell.”

The city said concrete for the driveways was being poured Friday. We’ll check back on the project next week.