GEARY, Okla. (KFOR)- An investigation is underway in Blaine County after a gun was accidentally fired near Geary Elementary School and struck a teacher’s car on Tuesday. 

“Oh, this could have been very tragic,” said David Duggan, an investigator for the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. “If that car had not been there, then the bullet would have gone to the front of the school.” 

Duggan told KFOR that the shooting happened while a parent was picking up his child from school. The parent’s vehicle was on a nearby street, which isn’t considered school property. 

“One of the guys that worked for him was still in the vehicle,” said Duggan. “There was a rifle that was loaded in the back seat. He was moving the rifle out of the way so the girl could get in the car, and it accidentally went off.”

Fortunately, the car was the only thing hit. No one was hurt in the incident. 

Sean Buchanan, the Superintendent of Geary Public Schools, sent the below message to the Geary community on Tuesday, explaining what happened. 

Statement Courtesy: Sean Buchanan, Superintendent, Geary Public Schools

The district declined our interview request, but sent KFOR the following statement: 

“On January 31, a parent picking up their child after school stopped on the street in front of the elementary school. While the parent was retrieving their child, an individual who was accompanying them moved a firearm which had been used to hunt feral hogs earlier in the day to a more secure location within the vehicle when the firearm accidentally discharged. While no one was hit, a nearby vehicle was struck. Local law enforcement happened to be on scene when this incident occurred and immediately responded.

The safety and security of Geary students, families and staff is always our top priority. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but we encourage all to be especially careful and attentive when near school buildings. 

We understand this is a very concerning situation. However, it is important to note that the vehicle was parked on a public road and not on school property. The district is fully cooperating with law enforcement but cannot comment further as there is an ongoing investigation.”

Cozetta Johnson says she taught in the Geary District for more than 30 years before retiring. 

“I can’t even imagine if I was one of those elementary teachers on duty and I heard this gunshot go off,” said Johnson. 

Johnson adds that she’s had children, grandchildren and great grandchildren go through the district. 

“I am just so relieved that no one was hurt,” said Johnson. “I have no problem with guns in vehicles. But a loaded gun in the vehicle that has to be moved in order for a child to get in. I have a big problem with that. So, I think there should be some accountability for that.”

Duggan said those involved in the incident could possibly face charges for reckless conduct with a firearm.