CRAIG COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — Oklahoma country music star Zach Bryan was booked into the Craig County Jail just before 7 p.m. Thursday night for allegedly obstructing an investigation.

Zach Bryan mugshot. Image from Craig County Sheriff's Office.
Zach Bryan mugshot. Image from Craig County Sheriff’s Office.

News 4 reached out to the Craig County Sheriff’s Office, but has not heard back.

Zach Bryan posted the following statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, roughly an hour after bonding out of Craig County Jail:

Image from Zach Bryan ‘X’ account.

Bryan posted a video on social media on Friday describing what happened.

“I just wanted to be completely transparent with everybody who listens to my music about what happened yesterday with me getting arrested and everything,” Bryan said.

The singer continued by telling his side of the story and saying his actions do not reflect who he is as a person.

He begins by describing the first incident where an officer pulled him in over for speeding and asked for his address. Bryan said he was uncomfortable giving the officer that information which prompted the officer to put handcuffs on Bryan. After speaking with one another, Bryan gave the officer his address and he was let off with a warning.

In Bryan’s video, he then starts talking about the second incident where a member of his security was pulled over on their way to Boston. Bryan pulled over as well to wait for his security guard when he decided to get out of his vehicle.

“I go around the block and I come and I pull back up next to him,” Bryan continued. “Ten to fifteen minutes goes by and I get out of the car.”

Bryan says the officer told him to get back into his car.

“I get too lippy with him, he brings me over to his car,” he describes. “He gets me in these cuffs and they’re tight.”

The video goes on to tell how he was arrested and taken to jail where he says he stayed for a few hours. He says he eventually calmed down and shook hands with the officer before leaving.

“The night ended okay, I have to deal with the legalities of it when I go back home,” he said. “I was just an idiot and I’ll take the fall for it, I’m a grown man and I shouldn’t have behaved like that.”