OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Love was in the air at the Oklahoma County Courthouse Tuesday as the marriage license office was booked with appointments, which gave one couple the opportunity to seal the deal on Valentine’s Day.

“What better day. We love each other and we’re so happy,” John Edmonds said as he stood next to his bride Arina.

The Edmonds’s drove from Dallas-Fort Worth to get married on Valentine’s Day.

“We’ll never forget it,” John said.

Quotewizard by Lending Tree stats show marriage in the sooner state is down 9 percent since 2011.

That wouldn’t matter, however, for John and his now wife Arina, who is from Kazakhstan. John is also retired from the military, and they’ve been together for a few months. They said they knew Valentine’s Day was the perfect day.

“I’m very, very excited,” Arina said.

“We’re so happy to get married today and our friends are so happy for us, so it’s a wonderful day,” John said. “We’re happy to become one family.”

The newlyweds said their oaths to get their marriage license, celebrated with a pre ceremonial kiss and eventually made their way to the chapel next door to seal the deal.

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“Alright, we’re married,” John said as they walked out of the chapel.

Now the Edmonds’s are set to make the trek back to Dallas-Fort Worth. John said dinner together with the two of them back home is in order.

“Very happy. We’re very happy,” John and Arina said together.

Employees inside the office where people can get their marriage license said they were booked up with appointments for some of the morning and most of the afternoon.