OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A northwest Oklahoma City couple captured scary moments on their security cameras. Chris and Christy Sanford said they were cooking dinner for their son, who just came home from the Marines, when they happened to glance at their surveillance camera system.

“I saw people trespassing on our property,” said Sanford. “And they were shooting bows across a public street.”

In the video, three men were seen firing a bow and arrow across the road in a neighborhood off Western near NW 178th. Moments later, two cars could be seen passing by the group.

“One of them was our daughter,” said Christy. “One of them was our neighbor too.”

Sanford said two of the men lived at a home across the street. Another was a visiting relative.

He said the group had walked over onto the Sanford’s property and started firing the weapon at a white target across the road in their own yard.

“Instantly called the police,” said Christy. “Because they were way back behind our house. You couldn’t see clearly either way and there was no way that they could see anything coming.”

Minutes later, an Oklahoma City police officer arrived at the scene. In the video, he was seen talking to the men.

KFOR spoke to one of the men in the video by phone who said the officer told him to “take it to the backyard.”

Sanford, who said he and other neighbors have had run-ins with the men in the past, told the officer he wanted to file a trespassing complaint, but Sanford said the officer told him “no.”

“There was some public endangerment going on and they just didn’t seem to care,” said Christy.

Sean Burnett is the father of one of the men seen in the video. He talked to News 4 and said he did not see anything wrong with the situation.

“The officers chose not to do anything so I think he made the right decision,” said Burnett.

According to Oklahoma state statutes, willfully discharging a weapon – pistol, rifle, shotgun, air-gun, or other weapon, in any public place, or in any place where there is any person to be endangered thereby – regardless of whether anyone is injured is a violation. The crime is a misdemeanor.

“I don’t believe he put anybody in danger,” said Burnett. “Did they maybe make a judgment error maybe? A little bit, yeah, maybe. But did anybody get hurt by it? No.”

The Oklahoma City Police Department said it would look into the matter and provide and update.