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GRADY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Grady County court documents and deputy body camera video footage are revealing the moments leading up to a woman’s arrest for shooting a deputy and a civilian and barricading herself inside a patrol unit Friday.

According to court documents, Dale Moses called authorities to a Bridge Creek home on Friday, where Rachel Zion Clay, 36, was “crawling around on her hands and knees in the yard and barking at them.”

Mugshot of Racheal Zion Clay
Racheal Clay, courtesy: Grady County Detention Center

When deputies arrived, Clay was yelling things that didn’t make sense like, “answer the phone, you let her die, I’m not human, you killed her,” and also talked about a child needing a blood transfusion.

Deputies were told Clay is supposed to be taking medication for mental illness, but was currently out of the medicine.

For her protection, deputies said they cuffed Clay and put her in the back of a patrol car.

Inside, investigators said security footage shows Clay “taking off her seatbelt” and “slips the handcuff off of her right wrist… reaches through the Plexiglas partition window,” and pulls a deputy’s loaded rifle through.

Minutes later, deputies said Clay aimed and fired one shot at Moses and the two deputies on scene.

Seconds pass and Clay “puts her head down and fires 9 more rounds.”

The Sheriff’s office said a deputy and Moses were grazed by bullet fragments and are now okay.

The below video shows the shooting as it occurred. Warning, the footage is disturbing:

At one point, Clay tossed papers out of the car, before surrendering nearly three and a half hours later.

Court documents said on those papers, Clay wrote notes like: “I killed one,” “evac the city,” “ambush ambush,” and “kill any cop that tries to approach.”

On Monday, Clay appeared before a Grady County Judge by a virtual call. KFOR’s crews inside said she was rocking back and forth, crying.

She also asked for a doctor and a psych evaluation. It is unknown if those requests were granted.

Clay faces three counts of shooting with intent to kill. Her bond is set at $1 million.