OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City teen is facing several charges after allegedly killing multiple animals at a local pet store in July.

Oklahoma City Police officers were called to the Petland store near Memorial and Penn after employees found several animals killed or missing from their enclosures.

Oklahoma City Petland. Image KFOR.
Oklahoma City Petland. Image KFOR.

Petland employees found a parakeet and a bunny were killed in their cages.

According to the incident report, the parakeet’s neck was broken and the bunny was strangled.

Security footage showed two young people enter the area where the pets were – the female walked off after a short time and the male stayed behind.

Once alone, surveillance video shows the male hold the bunny down forcefully as it tries to escape. He eventually let it go, but the rabbit then convulsed and collapsed, court documents say.

After OKCPD posted a photo from security footage on social media in order to identify the pair, authorities received a call from a girl identifying herself as the female in the photo as well as identifying the male as 19-year-old Christopher Brooks Jameson.

KFOR is not identifying her as she is not charged with a crime.

She told investigators she had no idea animals were killed in the pet store until she saw the Facebook post.

She said they went to the store to play with the animals, and at some point, she went to play with a dog while Jameson was elsewhere in the store. He then walked up to her and said they needed to leave, so they did, but Jameson eventually said he forgot something at the store and they went back.

The girl told officers he went back inside while she stayed in the car, and when he came back he told her to ‘go, go, go,’ before revealing a guinea pig and a dwarf hamster taken from the store.

“[The female] said she was scared and did not know what to do so she followed the instructions of Mr. Jameson,” the court documents read.

They took the animals to Mitch Park, where she took the hamster and he took the guinea pig into the bathrooms to “wash them off.”

The girl told investigators once they got back to the car, the hamster was still alive but Jameson returned with the guinea pig not moving. She said she tried to help the guinea pig, but eventually, Jameson went to bury it.

“Mr. Jameson returned to the bathroom, took a video and told [the female] the bathroom was covered in blood and showed her the video,” court documents read.

She told officers the hamster was still alive when she dropped Jameson off at a friend’s house.

During the investigation, authorities found the bloody bathroom, the guinea pig, and the hamster with “obvious signs of trauma around the head.”

“Children who are intentionally harming animals is really a significant sign that that child needs professional help,” clinical psychologist, Dr. Beverly Funderburk said. “It is a real red flag.”

According to OKCPD, Jameson was arrested Saturday, July 26. He turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued the day before.

Mugshot of Christopher Jameson
Christopher Jameson. Image courtesy Oklahoma County Detention Center.

Now, Jameson is facing two felony counts of Cruelty to Animals and one misdemeanor count of Larceny of Merchandise from Retailer.

He is currently in the Oklahoma County Detention Center on a $50,000 bond.