LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (KFOR) – A Coweta man is facing several charges in Florida after becoming drunk and belligerent at Disney’s EPCOT in February.

According to Orange County court records, 33-year-old Patrick Delehanty is facing charges of Aggravated Assault, Battery, and Trespassing on Property After Warning.

The arrest report says Delehanty was discovered by park staff laying on the ground in the rain about an hour after closing time.

The Guest Experience Manager attempted to assist Delehanty’s friend in getting him to vacate the property, but “while waiting for a wheelchair, Patrick became aggressive, getting to his feet, and shouting.”

“Next Patrick picked up a stanchion, attempting to swing or throw it at [the Guest Experience Manager], who was in fear of being struck. The stanchion picked up by Patrick was tethered to a second stanchion, preventing him from striking with it. Patrick picked up the stanchion a second time, before slamming it to the ground. Next Patrick picked up a table and threw it.”

The Operations Manager told police Delehanty at some point removed his Hawaiian-style shirt, balled it up and threw it at the other manager, hitting him in the chest.

Delehanty also struck the Guest Experience Manager in the face with his hand and pushed his head further back following the strike, according to the arrest report. That manager was later treated for strained muscles in his neck, shoulder, and back.

“Patrick was restrained by [a] friend with him, however after a few minutes, he picked up a table and threw it over the railing,” the arrest report reads. “Patrick then took off running to a backstage area in Mexico, attempting to get into one of the buildings.”

When officers arrived, Delehanty was removed from the property and transported to a local hospital.

During his subsequent interview the following day, he told investigators he had no recollection of the previous evening after drinking at a pub with a friend.

Mugshot of Patrick Delehanty
Patrick Delehanty. Image courtesy Orange County Corrections.

Delehanty has since bonded out and pleaded not guilty to the charges.