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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A cross-country murder investigation is leading detectives to an Oklahoma casino and racetrack.

According to police, a 2015 White Honda Accord has been sitting vacant and abandoned for weeks in Oklahoma City, but it could be connected to a murder on the west coast.

California investigators pinged a missing woman’s car, and her GPS revealed the vehicle was in the parking lot of Remington Park in Oklahoma City.

News 4 found a search warrant at the Oklahoma County Courthouse showing investigators went through the missing woman’s car.

Inside the white car, Oklahoma City investigators found an ID belonging to a woman named “Ana” who has been missing for weeks more than a thousand miles away in Los Angeles.

News 4 isn’t using her last name because police have not yet confirmed it’s her.

However, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, a body investigators believe matches the missing woman’s description was found on Valentine’s Day with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck.

Back in OKC, detectives confirm the white sedan was “found locked in the south lot” before it was hauled off to the evidence chamber “inside a climate-controlled storage facility”.

Plus, grainy surveillance video from February 1 shows two people ditching the car before hopping into a “green minivan”.

News 4 began to dig for information on the missing woman, finding a Facebook post from a friend of Ana’s in Boston who is still begging for information.

So, we called him.

He confirmed his friend was last seen in L.A. in late January.

He wanted to pass a message along in case she’s alive, saying, “Ana, if you hear this please call your family”.

California investigators are still working to confirm the identity of the woman found.

Back in Oklahoma, OKC police confirmed they are assisting in the investigation.