OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – On Friday morning Amber Alvarez, the owner of Los Aztecas Restaurant, walked into work to find one of the glass windows shattered and some of her hard-earned possessions looted. 

Suspect crawling on the floor of restaurant. Image courtesy of Amber Alvarez.

“It doesn’t feel good,” said Alvarez. “[It’s] very frustrating.” 

Those emotions are likely filling at least a handful of other Pottawatomie County and Oklahoma County businesses owners, who have recently also fallen victim to some crafty crooks. 

“They’re pretty clever,” said Aaron Brilbeck, a spokesman for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “We’ve seen as many as three businesses hit in one night… [In total] it appears to be anywhere from 6 to 9. But we expect by the time the investigation is over, it’s going to be considerably more.” 

The thieves’ M.O. appears to be to smash out a lower window of a business, then crawl through on their hands and knees. 

“They’re actually crawling on their hands and knees to avoid the motion detectors,” explained Brilbeck. 

In the process, they’re looting whatever they can. In Los Aztecas’ case, the crooks took two bottles of tequila and a couple hundred dollars cash, according to Alvarez. 

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said the Boomerang Diner, just down the street from the Mexican restaurant was also hit. 

“There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which businesses are being targeted. Everything from a pharmacy to restaurants to bars,” said Brilbeck. “So, if you’re a business owner, now is definitely the time to double check your alarm system, make sure that it’s working. If necessary, lower those sensors so that if somebody is crawling out of the ground, the sensors will pick them up, check your cameras, make sure they’re working. If they’re not working, get them fixed. That’s the best way to catch these guys.”