OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Shocking images on the banks of an Oklahoma City neighborhood pond. At least five geese have died in recent days at the Valencia neighborhood, some were left floating in the water.

Allison Jerome has been walking her dog by the pond twice a day for the past year. She was the first to spot the animals.

“I noticed wings sticking up out of the water,” said Jerome. “There was a second one that washed up ashore towards the very end of the pond.”

Jerome posted about the discovery on social media and several neighbors shared concerns with what is happening in the area, which is heavily populated with geese and ducks.

“I do think something sinister is going on,” said Jerome.

Micah Holmes with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation said there was a lot of different things that could cause wildlife to die, but this was strange.

“It would be unusual to find multiple casualties in a single place,” said Holmes.

It has not been determined what killed the geese, but Holmes said Canada geese were federally protected animals.

“Canada geese do have hunting seasons but those aren’t going on right now,” said Holmes. “That’s something that we would factor into an investigation.”

Holmes also said disease could not be ruled out. Game wardens have actively monitored a deadly form of bird flu called “highly pathogenic avian influenza” or HPAI. The virus was found in a duck in Stillwater in the spring and in a wild bird in southwest Oklahoma.

Neighbors have suggested setting up cameras around the ponds regardless to possibly catch anyone doing harm to the animals. Game wardens said if you do see something suspicious to call their hotline called Operation Game Thief at 800-522-8039. You could receive a reward.