WEATHERFORD, Okla. (KFOR) – Court documents reveal details leading up to a wild chase in western Oklahoma, involving an out-of-state suspect and his girlfriend he’s accused of kidnapping and attacking.

“I’m not even bothering anybody, I’m just passing by,” said Luis Fernandez to troopers while being arrested.

Luis Fernandez is now locked up in the Custer County Jail.

Luis Fernandez, courtesy of the Custer County Jail

Investigators said the 21-year-old allegedly forced his girlfriend to drive him from Georgia to California because she had a license and he did not. That trip was cut short on September 10 in Weatherford.

Court documents show during the drive, Fernandez allegedly broke a plastic Starbucks cup “over her head and took one of the broken pieces and began to cut her with it.”

The wounds were still fresh when they pulled into the ASAP General Store in Weatherford for gas.

That’s when the girlfriend told investigators she “just made a run for it.”

Investigators write she ran up to a stranger’s truck, banging her hands on the window saying “her boyfriend was trying to kill her.” The driver called 911.

News 4 reached out to the good Samaritan, but they did not want to be named or go on camera.

However, he did tell KFOR, “She was desperately trying to get away from somebody. Very frantic, crying, having small cuts up & down both arms claiming he was going to kill her as she was banging on our pick up door trying to get in. Once we let her in she begged us to leave saying that he was going to kill her.”

As patrol cars rolled up, Fernandez peeled out in the red challenger.

At times, police said he was driving 146MPH, weaving through traffic.

“We were going well over 140 all the way down i-40,” said an officer to a trooper. “I was flying.”

Police lost him, however, a trooper was waiting on a county road.

“He’s right behind me. He’s right on my tail,” said the trooper.

The trooper then performed a tactical maneuver, spinning the challenger into a ditch.

“Stop! Get your hands up!” yelled the trooper to Fernandez.

Fernandez was quickly cuffed and arrested.

“My car!” cried Fernandez.

“You got bigger problems than the car, buddy,” replied the officer.

“How old are you man?” asked the officer.

“21,” replied Fernandez.

“Kay, can you act like it?” said the officer.

Fernandez told police his girlfriend was on drugs and hurt herself with the cup.

Investigators said she had other signs of abuse.

Fernandez now faces charges of assault, kidnapping, eluding police, and driving without a drivers license.